Birthdays Calendar
for iPhone
Birthdays Calendar helps you stay on top of birthdays like never before - An all-in-one birthday reminder with remarkable features. It can find your friends' birthdays even when they didn't specify it on Facebook. With Birthdays Calendar, you will never miss a birthday again.
All In One.
All your birthdays in one place
Import your friends from Facebook, iPhone address book, or simply add anyone. You can easily add or remove contacts by just checking them on or off the manage contacts list.
Get started with just one touch
Just one button is all it takes to import your Facebook friends or contacts and start using Birthdays Calendar. Your birthdays are automatically categorized, showing friends with birthdays today, upcoming and recently over - all at a glance. You can also view a list of friends with no birthdays, so you'll know who you are missing out.
Connect with your friends
Easily wish your friends happy birthday. Send a text message, e-mail, post on Facebook Wall, post a Tweet, or just visit their Facebook profile - all from within Birthdays Calendar. And since we have integrated with Yiftee™, you can now buy real life gift vouchers for anyone.
Timeline Analysis.
Read Facebook Timeline for birthday wishes
Friend didn't specify birthday on Facebook? No problem. Using an intelligent algorithm, Birthdays Calendar can automatically read and analyze your friends' Facebook Timeline for birthday wishes to find out their birth date, and with excellent accuracy.
Never miss a birthday
Reminders are turned on by default. However, you can easily turn reminders on or off for individual contacts. You can also customize the notification time and even set early reminders to give you time to buy gifts.
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